Our research team at Vibrrant PR analyses the core issues of the technology to be communicated ie.


      1. Key aspects of the technology to be projected,  

      2. Depth in which it has to be projected,

      3. What media – 3D animation / video would communicate it most effectively? and

      4. Education level of the target audience.


After an indepth analysis of the above mentioned issues we design a communication module on the choice of your media -A 3D animation film/ video film, which will bring all the parameters on one platform ie. it will simplify the issue at hand and effectively communicate it to its target audience in the shortest possible time. After this blue print is frozen, a production pipeline is designed to produce and deliver the module within the scheduled time frame.


Whether we are animating a Charged Air Cycle of Diesel locomotives or showing how to trouble shoot Air conditioners, our technical staff are dedicated to combining their creativity and technical skills with a commitment to deliver products with technical accuracy and visual impact and clarity.


We hope you enjoy the short excerpts from productions that Vibrrant PR has contributed to animation films and technical films. 

Some of the other major works that are not on our website are listed below.
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